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online assistance services There are several reasons why your drivers license may be suspended or revoked.

The information provided on our website will help you to complete any driver's license-related transaction, from changing the name or address on your license to reinstating your suspended credential.

The all-encompassing Road Guide and value-added forms and checklists have all the details you need to complete your vital driver license procedures in the quickest way possible.

Persons who are not United States citizens (persons with temporary or permanent lawful status) are also required to have a Real ID and must present full documentation to be issued a new credential, or to, renew, amend or replace a credential. Find all of the information you need to perform any drivers license process all in one place.It does not matter whether you are applying to obtain your first license to drive or if you are updating or renewing a long-held driving license.En español To use this online service, you should have received a letter from the DMV stating your vehicle registration will be suspended in the near future or has already been suspended. This will allow you to access the current status of your vehicle registration insurance and suspension, identify any outstanding requirements due, and provides a service option for submitting insurance information and/or payment, if required.For more information, please refer to the Frequently Asked Questions.All applicants for new driver’s licenses must meet Indiana Real ID requirements.


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