Signs of dating a jerk

” If you have to ask he has anything planned, then we have a problem here, because you might be dating a jerk.

Valentine’s Day should be spent with someone who loves and respects you as much as you love and respect him—that’s only logical, right?

Read on, dear friends, for 10 signs your boyfriend is an unequivocal jerk. However, obsessively checking his phone every minute he’s with you isn’t just annoying—it’s downright rude. Sorry, we don’t care how “cool” you are with stuff like this—if your man is constantly making remarks about other women’s looks in front of you, he’s a jerk. Look, it’s human nature that we like to look at pretty things—you’d look at a gorgeous guy walking by, too—but outwardly gaping, drooling, head-turning, commenting, or abrupt conversation-stopping isn’t acceptable, it’s insulting.

They say nice guys finish last and—for most of us—that’s probably true, considering the not-so-nice ones we’ll often date before meeting Mr. In fact, for reasons that are largely intangible, even the most intelligent, self-possessed women have fallen for classic jerks at some point. For all we know, you might have some guys on the side you late-night call, too. w=768&h=432 768w" sizes="(max-width: 800px) 100vw, 800px" / 5. Examples: He couldn’t care less about your needs, he pressures you to get on the pill so he doesn’t have to wear a condom, he leaves as soon as the deed is done, he makes unflattering comments about your body, he forces you to try things you’re not comfortable with, he talks about sex 24/7, or he denies sleeping with other girls yet somehow gives you an STD. If he constantly seems to be avoiding his pals when he’s with you, it’s time to ask him why. Whether it’s a funny story about something that happened at work, or the fact that you hate sushi, these are things that make you who you are, and if he never seems to pay attention to you (or always suggests going out for sushi), he’s obviously a self-involved jerk.

In retrospect, most of us are able to understand that these guys weren’t right for us, but getting to that place probably wasn’t easy. But if you’re looking for something more—a daylight outing, for example—and you’re not getting it, he’s a jerk. w=800&h=450" alt="signs your boyfriend is a jerk asshole" width="800" height="450" srcset="

Mistakes are a valuable part of life experience (in fact, that's something we've been thinking about a lot lately). In the interest of learning from experience, we've put together four bona fide archetypes of the species known as Jerk.

Be they male or female, these people are out there, and our dearest hope is to help you spot the warning signs before it's too late and a minor mishap turns into a major mistake. One night, he doesn't sleep over and seems a little too eager to cart his personal items home.


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