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CMBF You can re-do their appearance by accessing the Salon if you have that in your game. If you don't have it yet you will need to level your town until you can get it.

CMBF When you change a Sim's hair you are basically paying the salon rate - so if you decide later to go back to a previous style / colour, you will have to pay again.

Anyone else facing the same problem , causing I'm thinking of contacting EA sooner or later. Paige Olivia R73 I briefly saw the pop up for this event, but all I saw was the title because I accidently tapped on the screen and it went away.

Guest Well sorry to you guys that cant get the long hair i mean i saw the pop up it says the long hair event is coming to sims town in 3days and in the next 3days it was there and i had a sim that was doing the fashion hobby and level 6 and now omg i almost have all the long hairstyles well actually i just need one more and i have all 9 long hairstyles and i have 2 more days until it goes away but im really sorry for yall who dont have any long hair but dont worry it will be back again and if you have sims u should have the quest i have to hope this helps and ya go to the girl who games she has good advise on the sims freeplay game well byee☺✌ Guest I can't get long hair I've completed a design and no long hair has come up and every time I try to make a new design it's the same one as last time if eny one has eny clue how to get long hair please say 😔 Guest I completed every fashion item except for one. :( Worst of all when I went onto the fashion hobby, none of my styles were there! It's not in my task bar and I really want to complete this task but I don't know how. I don't know how long I have with this task Guest Omg that info u gave us didn't show us ANYTHING all u did was show us some STUPID prices that we could easliy find out ourselves people clicked on this website to get info on how to get the LONG HAIR not this dumb stuff seriously don't u see all these questions this don't help at all I HATE IT😡 Guest I finally figured out how to get long hair on the sims.

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