Dating of the book of daniel

The prophecies that are usually 'objected to' in this way are the detailed prophecies in chapter 11, especially with reference to 11.21-35 dealing with Antiochus Epiphanes. They all agreed that every accurate prediction in Daniel was written after it had already been fulfilled (a ) and therefore in the period of the Maccabean revolt (168-165 B. Also some of them were inclined to question the unity of the book on the ground of internal evidence and language differences; certain portions of the book--particularly the narratives in chapters 2-6--were thought to come from third-century authors or even earlier.So we will concentrate on that section first, and then broaden the discussion to encompass some of the earlier prophecies (e.g. Essentially the same position is maintained even to this day by liberal scholars throughout Christendom. Do we have any proof that it was written before the events it foretold happened?

7: 13) meant the death and exaltation of Jesus—were equally aware of the eschatological significance of the abomination (Mark 13: 14). It was long assumed, and is still assumed by some conservative students of the OT, that the book is describing the faithfulness of Jews to their religion under Babylonian and Persian overlords in the 6th cent.The evidence just mentioned is absolutely convincing to me, but for the skeptic, more direct evidence is required.Outside of the predictive prophecies, which seem without question to point to inspiration and therefore authorship by Daniel, the other evidence for an early date of writing for Daniel do not absolutely push it back into the sixth century.He predicted that the Messiah would come to Jerusalem in about AD 30, as well as predicting the destruction of Jerusalem shortly afterward. That being true, then it is quite obvious that the book’s claim that the visions were recorded by Daniel himself must be true.It is illogical to think that a God-inspired book is in fact a forgery." I discuss this question in great detail in my book on Daniel, "Daniel, Prophet to the Nations." This book came out in a new edition just last month. The visions found in Daniel predict with unimaginable accuracy that the 11th emperor of Rome (Domitian) would persecute the church, change the calendar and the legal system of Rome.


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